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Full Service Custom Upholstery Workshop
  Address CO 80127 (303) 972-2207

Furniture - Auto - Business - Boat - Aircraft

 Custom Motorcycle Upholstery
   Custom Upholstered with Carbon Fiber and Color Coordinated Welt.
       Motorcycle Seat Foam
Seat Frame with Foam

             Custom Design
Silver Trimmed Seat
     Rider's Seat with Silver Welt.
          Seat Frame Check
Original Vinyl is Removed

           Color Coordinating  Red Trimmed Seat
         Passenger Seat with Red.

Re-Upholstered Honda Motorcycle Seat
          Rider and Passenger Seat with Strap.
Back Seat with Strap
        Close up of back with strap sewn in red.
Honda Seats Installed
         Custom Upholstered 2003 Honda CBR.

  Honda Motorcycle Seat
                                                                                                            Visit our Fabric gallery here:   Auto Fabrics   Leather and Vinyl
Before Honda Seat
      This seat with torn vinyl and gouged foam.
Foam Damage
               Side view of the the original seat.
Vinyl is Removed
                 Original foam is ready for repair.

Re-Upholstery Begins
    New vinyl is cut and cut-to-fit.
         Vinyl is pulled over foam.
New Vinyl is Apllied
       Then stapled to seat frame.
Trimming access vinyl
         Excess vinyl is trimmed.
Upholstering motorcycle seat
    Vinyl is secured to seat frame.
Seat on the Bench
            Upholstery is complete.
Finishing the Seat
        Side view of restored seat.
Re-Upholstered Honda Seat
     Restored and ready for bike.

    Yamaha Motorcycle Seat

Hail Damaged
              Original Yamaha seat with hail damage.
Hail Damage
              Close up of the damage to the vinyl.
New Grabber Vinyl
              New Gripper vinyl is ready to cut.

Upholstered in Grabber Vinyl
             The Yamaha seat is re-upholstered and ready to trim.
Re-Upholstered Yamaha Seat
         The Yamaha seat is re-upholstered and ready to be installed.

            Customized Bike Seats

Original Honda Fury Seat
                           Manufacturer's Original Honda Fury Seat.
Custom Re-Upholstered Fury Seat
                     Customized with Wild Croc Vinyl Seat Top Panel.

           Custom Fender Bibs                     Gel Pads and Seat Foam              Custom Designs and Colors

Custom Fender Bib
New Gel Pad
Color Coordinated Options

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A.I.R. Upholstery                           Advanced Interior Restoration and Upholstery                    (303) 972-2207

                                                       Visit our Fabric gallery here:  Auto Fabrics  Leather and Vinyl

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