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  Upholstery & Upholstery Repairs
  Full Service Custom Upholstery Workshop
 Address Littleton, CO 80127 (303) 972-2207

   Furniture - Auto - Business - Boat - Aircraft - RV

Furniture Upholstery
Automotive Upholstery
Custom Boat Upholstery
Motorcycle Seat Upholstery
Custom Auto Upholstery
  Cars and SUV
Custom Cornice Boards
 Designer Work
Restaurant Upholstery
Chair Re-Upholstery
Therapy Tables
   Exam Tables

    Servicing the Upholstery Needs of All Things Upholstered...                   A.I.R. Upholstery L.L.C.     Continue >>

  For Your Home...
Sectional Re-Upholstery
     Residential Furniture Upholstery

Close up of Roll ArmSection on the Bench
 Original Fabric Removed.    Quality Workmanship.

  For Your Car, Truck or SUV...
2004 GMC 2500
               Automotive Upholstery

Before GMC Interior  Seat Insert Patterns
Original '04 GMC 2500.      Custom Interior Layout.
   For Your Office or Business...
Re-Upholstered Dental Chair
               Commercial Upholstery

Original with New Vinyl New Cushion Covers
  Medical and Dental.     Upholstery and Repairs.

Throughout our site you will see the results of the effort put forth with our custom upholstery workshop. Our range of upholstery services are
    vast, as
we service the upholstery needs for all things upholstered.
  Furniture    Automotive    Commercial    Restaurant   Boats   Aircraft   Designer

   You'll find photo galleries that are linked to the production process of our customer's upholstery projects.
Within your home, work or business,
   your vehicles or the boat, there's upholstered seating that we repair, restore and re-upholster...
  Send a photo here of your upholstery project.

   We have a wide variety of fabrics, visit our galleries here:  Upholstery Fabrics    Fabrics Continued    Leather and Vinyl    Contract Fabric    Auto Fabrics

   Welcome to airupholstery.com 
Family Heirloom Rocker
        Home Furniture Upholstery

Before Swivel RockerChair Re- Upholstery
  Original Swivel Rocker.      Custom Upholstered.

Restaurant Booth Upholstery
  Restaurant Upholstery and Repairs

Custom Double Booths Installed
      Booth Upholstery.        Restaurant Expansion.

Automotive Upholstery
     Custom Automotive Interiors

Automotive Carpet
Headliner Installation
arpet Installation.         Headliners Installed.

   There is upholstery work of every kind, each with a story. The photos of the rocker shows our family's sentimental favorite family rocker that we
   re-upholstered. Our true labor of love. Designed booths for an owner expanding his busy restaurant, and restored a 1969 VW of a beloved Dad.

    Boat Upholstery

Donzi Ragazza
                  Donzi Ragazza

Donzi Custom FramingCustom Sun Deck
Custom Built Flooring.       Customized Interiors.
Wellcraft from Chicago
         Wellcraft with Cuddy Cabin

Before Photo Re-upholstered Tri-Fold
   Before Tri-Fold Bench.        After Tri-Fold Bench.
Colorado Springs Stroker
                     Stroker Bass

Carpeted Floor Boards Restored Pedestal
New Carpet Installed.      Restored Upholstery.

  This is our opportunity to express our appreciation to the many boat enthusiasts who entrusted their boats with us to restore the upholstery,
   carpets and interiors. Each boat has a story...May be a one-of-a-kind
Donzi custom interior, a Wellcraft brought from Chicago as an anniversary
   gift, or a
 re-upholstered Stroker Bass  with damaged upholstery and carpet restored to original. Projects are linked to photo galleries, and the
   restoration process unfolds revealing the completed project.

   Complete Interior Restorations

Pro Am Skier
              1995 Pro Am Skier

Custom Rails 
Custom Upholstered Rails
       Speaker Cut Out.           Restored Side Rails.

Glastron Restoration
          1999 Glastron GS225-BR

Original Pedestal    Re-Upholstered Pedastals
  Original Pedestal Seat.       Re-Upholstered Seats.
              Cobra Viper Bass Boat

Original Aft Bench   Frame Changes
    Original Aft Bench.           Seat Frame Changes.

    The Summer boating seasons have had a variety of boats in the water with restored interiors, by A.I.R. Upholstery L.L.C. Boats pictured above
    are featured in a gallery with a series of photos showing their process of custom boat upholstery. A Pro Am Skier upholstery was held together
    by friendship and duct tape. The Glastron had serious hail damage. The Cobra aft bench frame
re-designed to match new COM pedestal seats.

    Boat Upholstery Repairs
rownline Repair
              Crownline 202 Repair

Replacement Panels On the Bench
      Panels Replaced.           Sun Deck Repairs.
Yamaha Cushion
       Yamaha Cushion Reproduction

Broken Substrate CustomCushion Reproduction
Broken to Pieces.          Custom Fabricated.

Pontoon Restoration
              Pontoon Upholstery

Upholstery Production Completed Pontoon Seating
       A Job in Process.           Restored Pontoon.

   More Boat Services
Engine Cover Repair
  Engine Cover Repair
Boat Cover Repairs
Boat Cover Repairs
Water Sport Seats
Water Sport Seats
Water Toys
Boat Toy Repairs
Boat Framing
  Boat Floor Framing
Custom Pontoon Cover
Custom Covers

    We'll repair the split seams in aft back bolsters on the sun deck of a beautiful Crownline, or custom manufacture a boat seat cushion that was
     run over after being blown off in transport. We customize boat covers to accommodate ski towers,
make Bimini tops, cockpit and bow covers.
repair tears and rips to storage and travel covers
. We repair and replace boat flooring framework, rail and seat frames, sell and install marine
    carpet or make a custom snap back carpet for your boat.

  Visit our Photo Galleries:    Re-Upholstered Furniture     Automotive     Boats     Booths      Designer Workroom      Restaurant      Commercial

Sofa Re-Upholstery
     Sofa Upholstery
Classics Bench Upholstery
 Vintage Upholstery
Custom Made Booths
     Custom Booths
Executive Chair Re-Upholstery
   Office Furniture
Commercial Seating
Driver Seat Repairs
  Driver Seat Repairs
Designer Work
      Designer Work
RV Interiors
       RV Interiors
Custom Woodworking
Automotive Carpet
  Automotive Carpet
Restaurant Booth Restoration
   Booth Upholstery
On Site Repairs
    Booth Repairs
Medical Tables
    Medical Tables
Antique Truck Restoration
  Antiques & Classics
Millwork Upholstery
   Milled Upholstery

Custom Components

  An amazing transformation takes place on the upholsterer's bench. Our Photo Galleries and series of photos during the re-upholstery process
  serves to show that no matter the age or the condition of upholstery, restoration is possible. Frame and springs repaired, new foam and new
  fabric makes a big difference.

   Custom Furniture Upholstery
Roll Arm Recliner
              Skirted Rocker-Recliner
  Antique Furniture Restoration
Antique Daybed Restoration
              Restored Antique Daybed
          Quality Workmanship
Skirted Camel Back Sofa
               Custom Made Furniture

We upholstered a favorite recliner with a beautiful brocade and coordinated with a solid velour. We completely restored this one-of-a-kind
      antique daybed with a customer's own fabulous animal print
The skirted camel back roll arm sofa came in to be re-upholstered. We then
      made a loveseat frame and upholstered it to match. We'll provide the skill-set and the supplies needed to complete an upholstery project
      from concept to completion.

      Visit our fabrics galleries here:  Upholstery Fabrics  Fabrics Continued  Leather and Vinyl  Contract Fabrics  Auto Fabrics

    Specialty Upholstery Services

Custom Upholstered Pit Group
        Custom Upholstered Built-In
Motorcycle Seat Upholstery
       Motorcycle Seat Upholstery
Custom Speaker Deck
            Custom Built Components

      We have been called upon to custom upholster onsite a home's built-in fireplace pit group frame, in soft suede with interchangeable cushions.
      We have helped motorcycle enthusiasts customize seats for look and comfort for those long bike rides. New foam or gel pad for seat comfort,
      embossed vinyl, stitched and embroidery to match paint, fender bibs and accessories. Components for stereos, speakers, lights and storage.

    Designer Workroom Services
Showroom Furniture
      Designer Designed Furniture

New Sofa Frame Matching Sofa and Loveseat
   Roll Arm Sofa Frame        Sofa and Loveseat
Designer Bench
                Designer Bench

Custom Made Bench FrameUpholstered Bench
   Webbed Cushion Top       Cushion Top Bench
Designer Bar Stools
              Designer Bar Stools

Prepared FramesCompleted Bar Stools
      Prepared Frames            Ready for the Base

    We have provided Upholstery Workshop Services for ASID, Architects, GC's and Millwork shops throughout Colorado for more than 30 years.
    We are still working with Designers that we began with. Not only do they trust us with their clients furniture, but their own, too. We strive to
    be dependable team players in the upholstery process of projects for the professionals within the trade. We provide transport and installations
    with professional presentation.

    Visit our Fabric Gallery here:  Upholstery Fabrics  Fabrics Continued  Contract Fabrics  Leather and Vinyl

  Restaurant Upholstery
Custom Made Restaurant Booths
    Custom Made Restaurant Booths

Custom Built Double Booth Frame  Booth Production
       Custom Double             Booth Production
Custom Booth Cushions
            Custom Booth Cushions

New Booth Seat Cushions Custom Bench Back     New Seat Cushions          Custom Bench Back
Booth Seat Repairs
    Restaurant Booth Re-upholstery

Close Up of Vinyl Damage  Re-Upholstered Booth Seat
      Torn Booth Seat         Booth Seat Upholstery

   Restaurant Booth Frame Repairs
Broken Base Frame New Spring Frame Rail Repairing No-Sag Springs Ready for Re-Upholstery

      Our restaurant upholstery services will re-upholster damaged booth seats and backs, or build new booths to match for an expansion. We will
      make new loose seat cushions and devise a frame for the back and create a new style on the original bench seat for a restaurant chain. We'll
      repair damaged and torn seats on-site before the dining area is open, or after hours for your convenience. We will maintained the usefulness
      and visual appeal of restaurant seating.

   Limo, Party and Bus Interiors
Party Bus Interior

         Party Bus Custom Interior
  RV and Motor Coach Upholstery
Motor Coach Interiors
     Motor Coach and RV Upholstery
      Complete Aircraft Interiors
Aircraft Interiors
           Cessna 421 Golden Eagle

   We took the interior of an auctioned airport shuttle bus and converted the interior into a rock and rolling party bus. If you see a
bus with riders,
   party lights and everyone having a great time - it's all about the interior.
Complete Bus and RV interiors including custom and original upholstery.
   Flooring, walls, lights, components and cabinets for Bus, RV's and Motor Homes.. The interiors of private and business

   Commercial Upholstery Services      Visit our Contract fabric and Leather and Vinyl gallery here: Contract Fabrics  Leather and Vinyl
Original Vinyl Removal Bench Upholstery
Upholstered Bench
Upholstered Wall Panels
Bench Cushion Panels
Installed Bench
  Bowling aisle benches with backs restored and
re-upholstered in bright and vibrant new vinyl.
Installed Wall Bench
 Custom made bench seating with wall frame to
 support the cut-to-fit upholstered wall panels.

Installing Cushion Panels
  New vinyl substrate cushions for newly milled
  seat benches for a yogurt establishment.

   We are a full service workshop providing a full range of upholstery services. We restore, rebuild, repair and re-upholster seating. We re-upholster
   booth seats and backs, make like new, then custom build a frame and upholster to match.
With certified residential and commercial fabrics, vinyl,
   leather, embossed and custom specialty leather. Company truck fleet seat maintenance needs, flooring, pads and carpets for automobiles, trucks,
   marine, and aircraft interiors.

    Work Truck Seat Upholstery
Fleet Seat Upholstery Automotive Seat Foam Repair

Pattern Panels to Sew
New Seat Foam

Re-Upholstered Bench Seat
Re-upholstered Work Truck

Automotive Interior Restorations
Custom Roadster
    Diamond Tufted Leather Roadster
Pet Damage Repairs
           Pet Damage Restoration
New Headliner Installation
           New Headliner Installations

     While we service th
e upholstery needs of furniture in the home or business, we maintain the interiors of vehicles, too. Cars and trucks, boats,
     and campers. We've restored a number of interiors that have been torn, even eaten by the family dog. Or, replace the headliner in the family
     Ford that had the seat repaired.

     Visit our auto fabrics gallery here:  Auto Fabrics

Vinyl with Cloth Insert
              Vinyl with Cloth Inserts
All Vinyl Channel Bench
          Channeled Vinyl Truck Bench
Custom Design Jump Seat
                   Custom Jump Seat

       The metal frame on the truck seat above damaged with stress fractures and breaks in several places. We restored the original metal spring
        frame for a 1940 truck, then added new seat and back foam. New scrim-backed automotive vinyl, channeled pattern and upholstered to the
        refurbished frame. We'll custom design cloth and vinyl combinations,
match the upholstery as original as possible, or as creatively custom as
        the imagination
and colors come together...

     Boat Interior Repairs
Boat SIde Rails
   Boat Rail Repair and Restoration
Boat Carpet Installation
    Boat Flooring Repair and Carpet
Re-Upholstered Bow Cushion
                Open Bow Cushions

   Monday - Friday 8-6  Saturday 8-12                            A.I.R. Upholstery L.L.C.                                               CONTINUE>>

A.I.R. Upholstery                           Advanced Interior Restoration and Upholstery                   (303) 972-2207

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